Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the sailing to Skellig Michael take?

One hour or less

How much time do we get to spend on Skellig Michael?

You have 2½ hours on Skellig Michael. Don’t forget your camera!

Are there toilet facilities available?

Your vessel l’Oursín has toilet facilities. There is a dry toilet facility on Skellig Michael as well.

Are refreshments available on the boat?

There are no refreshments on the boat or the island. It is advisable to bring a packed lunch or snacks and water. 

Do you allow dogs on the boat?

Dogs are allowed on the boat but not onto the Skellig Islands. 

Is there a covered area on the boat?

Yes, the boat does have a covered area.

Do you supply life jackets?

Yes, all of the boats travelling to the Skelligs are required to have life jackets on board.  

Is this trip suitable for an elderly person?

The boat journey would be no problem but it’s important to realise that the Skelligs steps are challenging. View the OPW safety video so that you know what to expect.

Would you recommend any pre-sailing tips for anyone that suffers with seasickness?

It is important to eat a good breakfast. Try and avoid milk in the morning even in tea or coffee.

Will we see dolphins and whales?

Very often, we are lucky enough to see whales and dolphins as well as the occasional seal, basking shark or sun fish and plenty of sea birds.  

Do you provide wet weather gear in case it rains while sailing?

We provide wet weather gear.

Can I pay on the boat on the day of sailing?

Yes but booking online is preferred.

Is this trip suitable for children?

For the landing tours, it is up to parents but be aware that there are 618 uneven steps with no hand rail. View the OPW safety video so that you know what to expect. 

On all other trips kids every age are welcome including babies and bumps 🙂

Is there a maximum group size that can book?

Yes – the maximum group size is 12. For all but the Skellig landing tour you can enquire about booking the whole boat.

Can we camp on Skellig Michael?

No, camping is not allowed. The Skelligs are a wildlife reserve as well as a UNESCO heritage site and overnighting seabirds are vulnerable to disturbance. 

Are we permitted to bring our drone to take photographs?

On the Skellig islands a drone is NOT allowed.  The Skelligs are a wildlife reserve as well as a UNESCO heritage site and seabirds are vulnerable to disturbance from drones. The noise may cause them to abandon their chicks leaving them vulnerable to predators. 

On the boat, away from the islands, you are welcome to use a drone.


Will we see Puffins on our trip?

Yes until around the end of May when they migrate into the Atlantic Ocean.

How long is the return trip overall?

The return trip to Skellig Michael is 1 hour each way with 2 1/2  hours on Skellig Michael and 30 mins touring both islands so 5 hours in total.

Do you offer concessionary rates for students or OAPs?

Yes, on eco tours and dolphin watching tours.

If our trip is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, do I receive a full refund?

Yes, always. Please allow up to 10 working days for funds to arrive back in your account, depending on your bank.

Do you offer discounts for groups?

Yes, during September for landing and for non-landing tours where you can book the whole boat. Enquire for information.

Is there free parking available for the duration of the sailing?

Yes. Free parking is available at Bealtra Pier.

Do you provide the fishing rods, tackle and bait on the fishing trips?

Yes, we supply all fishing gear.

What are the GPS co-ordinates for the pier?

This tour leaves from Bealtra, Caherdaniel, NOT Portmagee. The GPS coordinates are: 51° 45.951N, 10° 9.090W,  Bealtra Caherdaniel.  Google Maps Link.

you can find us

you can find us
The GPS coordinates are:
51° 45.951N
10° 9.090W

Bealtra Caherdaniel Kerry Republic of Ireland In google maps type ‘Skellig Tours’

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contact us
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give us a call: +353 87 6898431